Our name is Hugin Hof Kindred. We are a kindred near Knightstown Indiana having met before the gods for nearly six years now. Our kindred, as the name implies, is a home for thought. As a diverse group with very unique backgrounds we pride ourselves in being scholarly and argumentative. An idea never passes unquestioned in our discussions. We are a folkish kindred and hold our ancestorial connections to be the reason our gods call to us though we all have our own interpretation there in.

On This Site

Here you will find information on Asatru, the gods, and the runes with monthly podcasts discussing the Poetic Edda and other topics, and a calander of the days for Blot.


In this new section I will be adding news as necessary. This month I have had some issues with my podcast, it is out and can be downloaded or streamed from the podcast page, however the rss is still giving me issues. I apologize for any inconvenience.