Hugin Hof Kindred is a folkish Asatru kindred meaning we worship the gods of our folk or ancestors of Northern European descent. Asatru is roughly the Old Norse version of "belief in the Gods". To us this means belief in the gods of the Northern European people which are our ancestors. These gods call to us because they breathed the breath of life into the minds of our ancestors. With these gods we feel at home. We understand their ethic and character because it so closely resembles our own. Note: We understand the importance of national organizations, but currently subscribe to none.


We hold a combined blot and sumble followed by a feast every month to honor the Aesir and Vanir, our ancestors and other such entities involved in our spiritual lives. We conduct the blot/sumble in four rounds inspired by the description of Blot in the Saga "Hakon the Good's Saga": the first is to the appropriate god or deity, the second to the ancestors, the third is to Brag about something you are proud of or Boast that you will accomplish a worthy deed, and the fourth is an open round to honor just about anything a person would like to honor in front of their gods, kinfolk, and ancestors. Our kindred is not an open kindred, but we are not entirely exclusive either. We ask that a person meet with our Gothi and Gythia first before making the trip to the blot to ensure frith and grith amongst our kinswomen and men.


Gothi - Byron

Gythia -Scribe- Lauren

We are currently a formational kindred, we have gained and lost some members and hope to grow in the future.


Byron and Lauren were also kin members of the HofBrau Kindred in Southern Indiana until its retirement. We would like to thank them for their influence and ever present support in guiding our formation and continued existence.